Saturday, July 21, 2007

just me on my soapbox

Alright, so I know I mostly post about my kids, but I have a most important matter I would like to discuss. If you all can pardon me for being on a bit of a soapbox about this subject, just take it for what it is worth and go with it. So I say to all of my friends out there: STOP SLOUCHING!! I have seen the most slumpy shoulders, hunched backs, and droopy necks in the past few months and I just can't take it. Especially women with children tend to start slouching terribly, and it really looks awful. I know, I know, it is hard to stand up straight when you have a baby on your hip, or quite frankly when you have two half gallons of milk on the front of you at certain times!! However, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman with regal posture. I don't mean look snooty, but throw those shoulders back, stand up straight, tuck your bum in and hold your head high. By golly that looks so much better!! Stand tall, and look confidently radiant!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Big Blue Eyed Eliza

Oh, sweet eliza jane, how did you get so cute!

Monday, July 2, 2007

My Sweet Little Jack

First of all, I added two posts today, so read on down the way and see some cute swimming pictures. I couldn't let the day go by however, without writing down how much I love Jack today. Since Marcus has been gone a lot over the past few years, Jack and I have really become best buddies. He is so much fun, and always keeps me smiling. Today I had an especially great day with him for simple reasons. First off, Marcus just started his residency program yesterday, so it was my first of many trips to church without my husband. I felt like I was really doing well however, and got out of the house at 10:00 for 10:30 church (I know, amazing right) untill...a really mean guy flipped me off for driving in the fast lane (even though there was someone ahead of me and I couldn't drive any faster!) Anyhow, that just made me feel so sad all of a sudden because my big tough husband wasn't in the car to... well I don't know what he would do, but I am sure it would have been intimidating to the big truck-driving Texan, right? OK back to my point. Hmmm, oh yes, how much I love Jack, and not feeling sorry for myself in Marcus' absence, OK: Tonight I fixed a great dinner: really yummy tacos on homemade soft taco shells, and I thought to myself, "Why am I even putting forth any effort especially when my husband is long from being home at dinner time, and the only other dining guest in my family comes to the table in a dragon suit!

However, Jack and I sat up to the table, and Eliza in her highchair, and Jack started to say our prayer, He said, and I quote, "Heavenly Father, Thank you for Texas, and Thank you for Uncle Bobby...Amen" Pretty much so cute right? But then sweet Jack started to eat the meal I was questioning myself for putting any ounce of effort into, and chewed slowly and then said, "Mom....(long pause) are a really good maker." Who knew that taco would impress my three year old? And who knew he would actually tell me! What a cute little guy. Thanks for showing your appreciation Jack. I know now that a good meal is the way to even a mini-man's heart.

My Bathing Beauties

Well it is not too incredibly hot here in Texas, it is usually in the 80s , but every chance we get we are at the pool. Eliza got her first swim suit (actually first two suits)

and every girl needs a cute cover up right?

We have a couple neighborhood pools which is a lot of fun, the one closest to us won't be completely done for a couple more weeks, but we made friends with a family just down the streeet who we go swimming with. It is a GREAT pool for the kids, Eliza just floats around in her floatie, and Jack plays to his hearts content. Here is a picture of Jack and his new friend Chase. And a couple more of the kids floating around.