Monday, September 17, 2007

A few Snipits of Life

Well, this is going to be a smorgasbord of what has been going on in our lives lately. I will start by saying that we had the good fortune of having my cousin Nate, his wife Emily and their beautiful little 2 year old Henry come visit for a few days a couple weekends ago. What a blast we had! We sauntered around the riverwalk in downtown San Antonio (above), we played in the pool, we ate snacks, watched movies, and had great chats. It was SO great to have family around and just enjoy eachother's company. I kick myself for not taking a picture of us all while they were here, but we made some great memories. While Nate and Em were here I got an exciting phone call from one of my favorite people on earth: my Auntie Joan. She and my Uncle Udo were driving through from Florida to Phoenix, and stopped by for a few days to visit us in San Antonio. For those of you who don't know, I am a terrible wimp when it comes to being by myself at night, so having visitors (especially some of my favorite people in the world!!) come visit while Marcus is so busy was so wonderful. My Aunt Joan has always had a way of making me feel like one of her own. It was a breath of fresh motherly air that blew through San Antonio. We joked with Udo that he was our own "Cousin Eddie" in his RV. I will tell you though, he is one fun and classy, might I add cousin eddie. He let Jack climb up on top of the motor home...Jack thought he was the coolest guy around. Let's face it: Udo is!

When Udo first saw Eliza, he said in his serious sounding German accent, "What happened to her hair?" Well, I actually think Udo and Eliza have quite similar hair, other than the color. What do you think?

Well, onto the next topic. So, Jack is quite a kid these days. I think he is exploring new avenues of self expression shall we say. Here are a few funny Jack moments:

Here is Jack in the Van, ready to go to the pool, goggles and all!

Now this is what happens when Jack wants to help cook...I scooped the salt into a teaspoon, and told him to dump it int he pot. Does this target seem small to anyone? Because the entire teaspoon went right on the stove. Hmmmm, how can it be that hard?

Jack often tells me that he needs some quiet time, then I come in his room to find this scene. Pretty cute huh?

My sweet Sunday afternoon nappers. Jack is so in love with his Daddy.

Oooops, my brother thought that my arms were his canvas. Naughty little guy.

Eliza is just crawling all over the place now. It is easiest when you don't have clothes to trip you up!

Well, there are a bunch of random snipits of our lives. The weather is getting cool, and we are spending more time outside. We went for a hike on Saturday, and Jack hiked the full 3 miles (well almost, the last little bit he rode on Daddy's shoulders). So life is good, we are loving Texas more and more each day.