Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Check out my Slide Show!


WendyJ said...

Hi again, just wanted to make sure the Joneses keep up their streak always making the first comment.

BrianJ said...

yeah...how is that we always comment first? {wink, wink}

Rachel said...

haha! I love what Jack said! That's great! Check you out water athlete girl! Go Bec!

ali degraff said...

holy shoot, Marcus! I found Anna on Facebook and then found your blog through hers! Your family is pretty dang cute!

Long live the days of billy joel concerts and your crazy shenanigans! Looks like life's been good.

oh and way to suck in your stomach on that boat picture. oh and you guys have the same bird picture on your blog that I have on mine. I hope your wife didn't draw it because I think I stole it from somewhere on the web! ha.

sorry for all this randomness. just wanted to say HI!