Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Yet another Camera mishap

Well, although our dear camera is back in our possesion I fear that too many chubby grimey fingers got to the shutter and lense of the poor thing and now it is completely out of commision. BUMMER. So, I feel like I have nothing fun to post since we have no pictures to share. We had a great christmas, we are playing as much as possible in the mild Texas weather (we went wakeboarding on Friday). We are happy to have Marcus home for a week, and we are getting a gazillion home projects done including finally finishing our crown molding, putting up a back splash in our kitchen, and resurfacing our bathroom cabinets. Our kids just kinda bumble around the mess and "help" as much as they can. Miss Eliza Jane turns 2 this month which I absolutely can not believe. She and Jack have races down our hall five or six times a day and Jack just figured out that beating his sister across the finish line is maybe not the hardest thing to do and has taken to being a gentleman and running at her pace beside her, which makes her feel like a million bucks. This whole scene of course makes thier sappy mother shed a little tear. Chivalry at it's finest.
Well, I guess I will have to just come up with some short little stories of our lives these days rather than my usual of slapping up a few photos with a five word explanation. I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and that 2009 brings all the desires of your hearts.


WendyJ said...

Thanks for the update. I have to say I'm jealous of your mild Texas winter.

I can't believe Eliza is going to be 2!! Hope you get a new camera soon, or Eliza will be dating the next time we see pics. of her.

BrianJ said...

ditto what Wendy said.

and we like these little notes about your family too, not just the pics.

Fowler family said...

Becca, pictures or not, I just love hearing from you guys! I loved that little story about Jack and Eliza racing down the hallway. What a "knight" Jack is becoming.

And, OH! that wakeboarding weather sure sounds nice. We are snowed in today. Brrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Sara Jean said...

You are such a cute mama! I love the image of you shedding a tear for your two cute kiddos.
Wow- I can't believe Eliza is almost 2!

Joan said...

Who needs pictures!? :)
I just love hearing from you, Bec. A post from you is a rare thing! haha.
Sure love you guys.

Joan said...

Funny that I said exactly what Anna said...I just noticed that :)

Lisa Rampton Halverson said...

LOVE the story! Keep more coming!

Happy coming birthday, Eliza! We love you all!

Jacq said...

Wow! You guys have so many new little "cousins" and they are all so cute! they all look like that they have lil of Cropper in them.