Friday, June 29, 2007

Medical School Graduation

So, I know that this is going back in time, but I wanted to share a cute story about Marcus' Medical school graduation, which was just over a month ago. Just to set the stage, no pun intended, I will begin by saying that the University of Rochester did a class act job of putting together a very lovely graduation ceremony. It was held in the Main Hall of the Eastman School of Music, which looks like something of an old European Opera house; red velvet seats, busts of Beethoven, Bach and others on the walls, an absolutely gorgeous ceiling with a huge and I mean huge crystal chandelier in the middle. This picture dosn't do it justice but you might get the idea.

So, back to the real story, the ceremony was very formal: there was a brass quintet playing as the professors and graduates walked in, and they all looked so great as they came in. They speaches were all wonderful, and then the time came to give each graduate a diploma. They asked that all the applause be held until after the last graduate. So, everybody was very quiet and serious as each graduate walked across the stage. Keep in mind that my children were two of only a handful of children in the entire theatre! Marcus walked up onto the stage, and they called, "MARCUS JAMES RAMPTON", and without any cues Jack screamed with pride in the middle of a very serious croud, "Good Job Daddy!!!" It was soooo cute. Everybody around us kind of turned and smiled. they thought it was pretty cute too. Indeed, we are all so proud of Marcus. He put in many hours at the hospital and in classrooms to learn the art of healing. We know the road was not easy for him all the time, but he made it!! I also love three year olds, who show their joy and pride no matter what kind of setting. They are so pure and true in thier display of emotion. So, here's to you Marcus. The three of us are your biggest fans. Nothing could stop your fan club from cheering you on.


kg said...

Congratulations Marcus, what an accomplishment! I enjoy peaking in on your blog, hope you don't mind!
Kim G.

Taylor said...

You guys are cute. Seriously--congratulations Marcus. I guess you still have lots of hard work ahead in residency, but that's got to be a little more fun and rewarding.

Mama Nirvana said...

I just wanted to say how proud I am of Marcus for working hard and accomplishing this goal. He's come a long way from the boy I used to torment.

Congrats, Marcus!


Emily and Ryan said...

Way to go Marcus! What a fantastic accomplishment- I can't wait for us to get to this stage too! We were just at your house for dinner tonight and a competitive game of croquet. I think your dad actually won although it took him over a 1/2 hour to get past the 2nd wicket. Anyways, it reminded me of some good Sherry/Rampton times.


MrGS said...

Congratulations! This is a nice graduation slideshow by the way; that place where it was held looks amazing.