Tuesday, June 12, 2007

our last days in rochester...pardon the sap

when i pulled into whipple park four years ago i started to cry...what was this place that looked like an army camp? the burnt looking siding was more than i could take; it looked old, toys were strewn in every direction and i told marcus we better start looking for a new place to live because I was not about to call this place home....four years later as katie drove me down murlin drive to catch my plane to texas i was overwhelmed by the love i felt for this beautiful tree lined street. the burnt siding actually grew on me, and more importantly, as i drove down that road i felt a deep richness. i left my beautiful rochester, ny with bits and pieces of so many cherished friends. you all enriched who i am, and who i will always strive to be. though i am terrible at goodbyes, and i am sure there are a good many of you who i failed to hug before i left (or flippantly said "see you tomorrow" knowing darn well that i wouldn't) i hope you all know that you are a part of me...i love you all. four years after the tears over burnt siding, i sat as the airplane taxied away, holding eliza and sobbing. tears again...

love to you all
I know you all are not in this picture, but at least i got a few of you!


Katie and Eric said...

We miss you guys so much here, but are so excited to hear of your new adventures in Texas. It is crazy how fast this little place called Whipple Park can become more than a home. We love it, but miss you!:)
P.S. Try putting the picture up again, it didn't work.

Trent_Dougherty said...

We miss you too. The place just ain't the same.

Hope we meet up again in the Pacific North West sometime.

~~(td and fam)

P.S. Try putting the picture up again, I'm not in it.

Tiffany said...

Rebecca, I sobbed like a baby when I read this post. Really. I had to click away and come back to it today! I can't believe how you perfectly captured some of my own feelings about living in Whipple Park, the Brighton Ward and Rochester in general. Just wait, it will continue to hit you in unsuspecting moments when you're far away!
Love, Tiffany

BrianJ said...

That group looks nicely fed. I told Marcus on the phone that I walked by your place in Whipple and saw someone else moving furniture in and I thought, "What does that jerk think he's doing, moving his stuff into the Ramptons place?"

Life goes on, Rebecca, but not quite the same without you guys here. We really miss you.

WendyJ said...

I keep thinking that you're just on one of your extended vacations and that I'll see your Nissan with Oregon plates driving into Whipple at any moment. Are those plates staying in TX as well?

Anyway we just ate the second to last "Marcus Meat" on Sunday. It actually wasn't that great (ok I'm totally lying) it was tasty!

Now that we know where we're moving I'm actually wanting to stay longer. I don't want to think about the difficulties of moving. We think of you guys often. Love, Wendy

Nicolas said...

What a huge and wonderful family !

A former companion of Marcus, Nicolas Blatéron